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HLAA Meets w/President-Elect Obama’s Transition Team-Update

Jan 16 2009

The consensus document of organizations representing people who are hard of hearing or deaf should appear on that site in the coming weeks.

You can view the document “Proposal for Leadership and Public Policy to Ensure Equal Access and Equal Opportunity for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Late-Deafened and Deaf-Blind Americans.”   [View PDF]

ITEM Coalition Press Conference

Jul 17 2003

Congressman Langevin, Members of the ITEM Coalition Steering Committee, Members of the Press, Friends and Colleagues, and Honored Guests:

I appreciate this opportunity to offer my support for the goals and principles of the ITEM Coalition.

HLAA Joins Advisory Committee of Congressional Caucus

Jan 1 2001

The CHHC was founded in January 2001, and is a bipartisan, no-dues caucus of members of Congress committed to the support of hearing health issues. The CHHC holds luncheon briefings periodically, bringing to Congress the nation’s most prominent scientists, surgeons, physicians, and business and lay leaders. Presenting the latest research, findings, and technological advances, speakers explain how this information directly contributes to the detection, intervention, prevention, and research of hearing health issues.