Banquet Seating

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Banquet Seating

Deadline for pre-booking of banquet seats is Monday, June 1.
After that, you will still be able to reserve a seat on-site at the Convention.

Reserve Your Seat Now!

Avoid long lines at the Banquet Seating Table by reserving your seat ahead of time. If you have registered for the Full Activity Package – a Banquet ticket is included, otherwise you will need to purchase it separately by May 31 to take advantage of the pre-seating. For those who do not purchase a Banquet ticket in advance, can do so on-site at the Convention Registration Desk on a first-come, first-served basis. Check the ConventionProgram and Exhibit Guide for the times and location of the Banquet Seating Table.

As seats are reserved, we will upload the floor plan daily to show which tables/seats are taken.

Please follow these guidelines; kindly wait 48 hours if you just booked your convention registration online or, if you mail it in, wait four (4) business days so that it gets recorded in our system. Thank you for your patience.

  1. See the FLOOR PLAN for availability. (Note: Floor plan is updated once a day, M-F. Open floor plan and click the refresh button on browser or press F5 on keyboard to view updates.)
  2. Select three choices for your desired table. In the body of your email, please indicate your choice of tables, number of seats and the names of attendees. We will do our best to seat you at one of these.
  3. Email your selection to Hollace Goodman at; put Banquet Seating / Last Name in the subject line. 
  4. Each registration packet will contain the respective attendees’ Banquet ticket with table number chosen.
  5. You must bring the ticket with you to the Banquet.
  6. No changes may be made once your table is assigned.

Note: To reserve a full table of ten, you must provide the list of attendees. It is the responsibility of the person who is coordinating pre-seating arrangements to verify that each banquet attendee has already paid for a ticket and must communicate with their tablemates that a seat has been booked for them. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in making this process seamless.