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Banquet Seating

Capital Banquet seating is now open!

We are thrilled that you will be joining us at the Capital Banquet on Saturday, June 25, featuring emcee Gael Hannan and entertainment by mentalist and magician Max Major. We are expecting 1,000 people to attend the banquet, and to make the event run smoothly, it is important that you follow the steps below in selecting your table.

  1. To see the floor plan, click this link: Capital Banquet Floor Plan. There will be captioning monitors on either side of the stage up front as well as midway on either side of the ballroom. As you view the floor plan, the stage is on the right end of the ballroom, and the entrance is on the left. Here is a miniature view of the International Ballroom:

    Capital Banquet Floor Plan

  2. Use the Toggle menu to manipulate the floor plan – you can zoom in or out, and view empty seats (highlighted in yellow):

    Toggle menu to manipulate the floor plan

  3. Please send an email with subject line of Banquet Seating: [and your last name] with your table request to Hollace Goodman indicating 3 choices of tables in order of preference. We will do our best to seat you at your preferred choice.

    If you wish to reserve a table of ten, please provide a complete list of convention/banquet registrants. We are unable to “hold” seats for those who are not yet registered.

  4. NO changes can be made once seating is assigned.
  5. We will confirm your table selection by email; registration packets will include your banquet ticket with table number.