Convention Scholarships

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Convention Scholarships

Convention 2014
June 26 – 29

Rocky and Ahme Stone Endowment Scholarship
Are you an HLAA member who has never attended our Convention before? If you answered “Yes” to this question, then know that we are anxious for you to experience an HLAA Convention and all that it offers.

Do you need a little financial assistance to help make your dream of attending the Convention a reality? Then you are in the right place!

Each year one scholarship is awarded from the Rocky and Ahme Stone Endowment. You may apply for yourself, or you may nominate someone you know.

How do I apply? How do I nominate someone for a scholarship?
Read the guidelines, then complete the application/nomination form.

When will I be notified?
No later than March 30, 2014

Are other scholarships available if I don’t get this one?
Yes, and we will use the application you already submitted in consideration for other scholarships received from HLAA States and Chapters, and private corporations.

What is the deadline for application?
February 21, 2014