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Course Offerings

Hearing Loss Support Specialist Training (HLSST)

The Hearing Loss Support Specialist Training (HLSST) a self-paced online course which provides core knowledge and understanding for individuals who work with, or wish to work with, people impacted by hearing loss. It is not restricted to any one profession or discipline. The program is beneficial to professionals or volunteers who provide support for people with hearing loss.

Please see the HLSST page for more details. Please email any questions to Nancy Macklin, Director of Events, at

Network of Consumer Assistive Technology Trainers (N-CHATT)

N-CHATT, the Network of Consumer Hearing Assistive Technology Trainers, is a volunteer, consumer train-the-trainer program. The program’s goal is to build a network of consumer trainers with the knowledge and skills necessary to train others impacted by hearing loss. Trainers will assist others in the successful integration of hearing assistive technology to support individual hearing and communication needs at home, work, school, and the community. Please see the N-CHATT Training page for more details.

UPDATE (9/6/2016)
This year we again received a huge response to our request for applications for the Network of Consumer Hearing Assistive Technology Trainers (N-CHATT) volunteer consumer train-the-trainer program. The application process closed with 122 completed applications submitted.

The opportunity was viewed by people around the world, including Australia, Canada, China, Ghana, India, Ivory Coast, Japan, Nigeria, Taiwan and Uganda, in addition to the U.S. We are excited about the broad interest in the program, which trains consumers with hearing loss to search for, select, evaluate, and self-advocate for hearing assistive technology.

Fourteen of the applicants were selected to join this year’s class of N-CHATT trainers, which begins October 4, 2016. We look forward to another great year.