FCC Upholds Analog Sunset

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FCC Upholds Analog Sunset

Jan 1 2007

In 2002, the FCC issued an order that would end wireless analog transmissions by 2008.  In deciding not to eliminate its analog requirement right away, the FCC explained that additional time was needed to ensure that hearing aid and cochlear implant users could use digital wireless handsets. 

The FCC has now rejected an appeal by the alarm industry to extend the analog requirement for two additional years.  In making this decision, the Commission specifically found that the gradual sunset of these services had "achieved its goal of facilitating the migration of the deaf and hard of hearing" from analog wireless services to digital wireless services.  The Commission explained that analog service was no longer necessary given the significant level of compliance reported by manufacturers and service providers.  However, the FCC promised to continue to monitor the progress of manufacturers and service providers to ensure such access.

Read the FCC’s order [View PDF]