HLAA Convention-Goers Go To The Hill

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HLAA Convention-Goers Go To The Hill

Jun 24 2011

Visiting the DC area for HLAA Convention 2011 afforded members of Hearing Loss Association of Texas an opportunity to visit Capitol Hill. Lois Johnson, Teri Wathen and Ray Wathen met with AG Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) and HIA (Hearing Industries Association) representatives for the presentation of a plaque to Representative Pete Olson (R-TX). The plaque commemorated an event held to thank Rep. Olson for his support of the hearing aid tax credit. The event, which attracted 130 Texas tax credit supporters, was held in Sugar Land, Texas, in August 2010. Rep. Olson emphasized the importance of local efforts nationwide in support of the bill, and thanked the volunteers for their dedication to a good cause. He also emphasized that he will continue to champion the bill in the House on behalf of everyone with hearing loss, especially the folks back home.

photo of presentation

HLA-Georgia members Jeff Bonnell, Cathy Fletcher and Anne Taylor also took advantage of the HLAA Convention to visit the Hill. They were excited to visit the DC offices of their Congressional representatives Friday of the Convention. Jeff sent us an enthusiastic email after the Convention, noting the trip to DC was an “adventure” that provided “Civics 101 - a Reality!”

Pictured above from left: Lois Johnson, HLA-Texas; Representative Pete Olson; Teri Wathen, HLA-TX; Ray Wathen, HLA-TX; Susan Boswell, AG Bell; and Andy Bopp, HIA

For information you about visiting your own representatives while in DC or in their local office closer to your home, contact Lise Hamlin.