HLAA Joins Advisory Committee of Congressional Caucus

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HLAA Joins Advisory Committee of Congressional Caucus

Mon, 01/01/2001

The CHHC was founded in January 2001, and is a bipartisan, no-dues caucus of members of Congress committed to the support of hearing health issues. The CHHC holds luncheon briefings periodically, bringing to Congress the nation’s most prominent scientists, surgeons, physicians, and business and lay leaders. Presenting the latest research, findings, and technological advances, speakers explain how this information directly contributes to the detection, intervention, prevention, and research of hearing health issues.

The CHHC is dedicated to providing an educational forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on issues involving hearing health. Topics of quarterly meetings have ranged from community-based and educational resources and services to hearing technology, such as hearing aids and cochlear implants, and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and its impact on children with hearing loss.

Why Was the CHHC Created?

  • To broaden support and knowledge of hearing health issues throughout Congress in a bipartisan manner
  • To inform and educate the Congress about potential and actual advances in hearing healthcare made by our investment in medical and biotechnological research
  • To provide an educational forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on issues involving hearing health
  • To maintain America’s leadership in world markets through medical, audiological, and otologic research and resulting biotechnology enterprises
  • To help Caucus Members develop a coalition of support for policies and legislative proposals that promote hearing health nationally
  • To monitor and evaluate federal programs and agencies to ensue that adequate resources are directed toward the improvement of services for all hearing health issues

  • To ensure that birthing hospitals nationwide screen all newborns for hearing loss and discuss appropriate treatments with parents
  • To raise awareness of the harmful effects of “toxic noise” that damage hearing
  • To make quality treatment and devices accessible and affordable to all who choose to alleviate hearing loss
  • To fund important scientific and technological research in the areas of hearing and deafness to ensure that major breakthroughs continue
  • CHHC was originally a project of the National Campaign for Hearing Health and will continue to be administered by it. The newly formed Advisory Committee, made up of interested hearing health organizations, consumer and professional, will be responsible for recruitment of new members, topics for caucus presentations, special event planning, and securing sponsors for caucus presentations and special events.

Congressional Hearing Health Caucus Co-Chairs:

Representative Jim Walsh (R-NY)
Representative Lois Capps (R-NY)
Representative Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY)
Representative Jim Ryun (R-KS)

See the CHHC Brochure [View PDF]