HLAA Petition to President Huge Success

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HLAA Petition to President Huge Success

Fri, 08/07/2009

Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) recently posted a call for action to the community: we asked you to sign on to a letter to be sent to President Obama, requesting that coverage of hearing healthcare be included as part of the White House agenda and healthcare reform. We have been overwhelmed with responses: in just one month, between July 9 and August 4, 4,682 people signed onto the letter to the President.

Clearly, hearing healthcare is a hot button issue for our community, a group who are often forgotten when it comes time to reform healthcare. HLAA is here to make your needs known to this administration to make hearing loss awareness a priority for in healthcare reform and policy in the coming years.

We promised the people who signed on to the letter that we would deliver the letter and signatures to the White House and deliver it we did. We sent original letter and a document of the 4,682 signatures in a file that is 312 pages long. We have news from the White House that the document has been received and passed along to the White House team working on healthcare reform. The time you took to sign on to this letter helps us make it clear to the White House that hearing healthcare is an important issue for all Americans.

Thank you to those who signed on!