IP Relay and 10-digit Numbering

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IP Relay and 10-digit Numbering

Oct 2 2009

On September 25, the FCC held a workshop to talk about the need for consumers to get 10 digit numbers for their Video Relay Service (VRS) and their IP (Internet) Relay. At the meeting it became clear that many consumers are registering for VRS, but others who are using IP Relay have NOT registered for 10 digit phone numbers for IP.

Do you use IP Relay? If you do, be sure to register with your provider (Sprint, Hamilton, etc) to be sure you can still use IP smoothly after November 12, 2009.

From the FCC:

“Recent FCC rules require that VRS and IP Relay users be able to make and receive calls using their new ten-digit numbers. The rules also require that the same users be able to make 911 calls and have those calls, along with the caller’s ten-digit number and location information, routed to the appropriate public safety answering point, ensuring 911 service comparable to the 911 service provided through the traditional telephone network. After November 12, 2009, all eligible VRS and IP Relay users must be registered with a default provider in order to place a non-emergency call through any VRS or IP Relay provider. Because there are VRS and IP Relay users who have not yet registered with providers, the purpose of the workshop is to find ways to get consumers to register before the November 12 deadline. Workshop panelists will identify successful ways that have encouraged registration and will discuss remaining challenges. The Commission invites suggestions for ways to identify and resolve those remaining challenges. All information gathered in this workshop will be made part of the record in the IP-based relay ten-digit numbering and E911 proceeding, CG Docket No. 03-123 and WC Docket No. 05-196.”

For more information, visit the FCC website