Update on the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee

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Update on the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee

Apr 2 2010

HLAA was appointed to the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) again last year. We provide input on issues that reach the committee such as broadband and truth in billing that the FCC addresses. HLAA also sits on the Disability Workgroup, where we provide recommendations to the FCC on issues impacting people with hearing and vision loss. For more information about the work of the CAC, visit: www.fcc.gov/cgb/cac.

After our most recent meeting, held over two days, March 18-19, Cheryl Heppner, executive director of the Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Persons (NVRC) and chair of the CAC’s Disability Workgroup, sent out a meeting summary on NVRC’s e News. Because Cheryl has done such a wonderful reporting on that meeting, we asked if we could post her thoughts on our blog. So, here, with her permission, is Cheryl Heppner’s report on the CAC meeting.

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