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“Effective Communication” Technical Assistance Docs Now Available

Feb 11 2014

The Justice Department published a technical assistance documents to assist the public in understanding how the ADA applies to their unique circumstances.  "Effective Communication" provides guidance on the 2010 regulations provisions relating to communicating effectively with people who have vision, hearing, or speech disabilities.  Both are part of the Department's "ADA Requirements" publication series.

Fatigue and Children with Hearing Loss

Jan 31 2014

New research shows that school-aged children with hearing loss experience significantly more fatigue than their normal hearing peers. It has been shown that adults with hearing loss require more 'effort in hearing' when doing the same job as their peers. This extra effort often causes fatigue, strain, and burnout. The authors of this new report speculate that children with hearing loss could experience the same hearing-related stress issues at school.

Study Reveals Breakthrough in Hearing Technology

Jan 29 2014

Researchers have found a new way to help people with hearing loss by removing background noise from the sounds transmitted by hearing aids.

Computer engineers and hearing scientists at The Ohio State University have made a potential breakthrough in solving a 50-year-old problem in hearing technology: how to help the hearing-impaired understand speech in the midst of background noise.

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