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FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel: The Future of the Web

Nov 4 2014

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel provided remarks on October 29, 2014, on technology accessibility and the World Wide Web. She said, in part:

For me, the history of the Web is one of inclusion. It is one that involves breaking down barriers. After all, it is our global town square. It is our individual soapbox and our shared platform for opportunity. It has forever changed the way we connect, create, entertain, educate, and govern ourselves. Looking forward, I submit that our magna carta should include access for people with disabilities. 

FCC Hosts Tutorial October 28 on Smartphones

Oct 21 2014

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will host a live and online tutorial on October 28, 2014, on how to protect smartphones and other mobile devices – and the data on them – from theft and misuse. The event is timed in advance of the upcoming holiday season when people are at greater risk while shopping in crowded public locations and sales of mobile devices are high. The tutorial will be open captioned.

Emerging Issues in Cochlear Implantation

Oct 21 2014

The American Cochlear Implant Alliance has just published their proceedings from its first symposium. The proceedings are intended to be a general resource for anyone in hearing  health care—not just cochlear implant clinicians.  Consumers and parents will find it to be accessible and interesting reading.

PSAPs - Consumer Attitudes

Oct 21 2014

Personal Sound Amplification Products: A Study of Consumer Attitudes and Behavior 

A new study released by the Consumer Electronics Association of adult Americans with hearing loss, shows that only one in 25 of those surveyed now owns Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) and nearly 40 percent are interested in over-the-counter products to help them hear better. Additionally, more than two-thirds of those consumers want a more streamlined process for purchasing hearing assistance products.