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Disability Advocate Honored for Hospital Protocol to Help Deaf and Those with Hearing Loss

Mar 22 2016

A hospital stay, with its unfamiliar settings, medical jargon and jarring diagnoses, can be a confusing experience. And it’s even more disconcerting for people who have trouble hearing.

A [Fredericksburg, VA] disability advocate reached out to area hospitals to create a protocol for people who are deaf and those with hearing loss. The accommodations Arva Priola suggested became part of a state law last year.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation Installs Hearing Loop at Milwaukee Train Station

Mar 8 2016

By Alex Zank

March 1, 2016: Volunteers with hearing loss from the community visited the nearly finished reconstructed Milwaukee Intermodal Station train passenger concourse late last week to test its new hearing loop technology, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The technology better enables those using hearing aids or cochlear implants to pick up on sound systems in a building.