November: Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. (SHHH), is founded and incorporated as a non-profit educational membership organization by CIA retiree Howard E. “Rocky” Stone of Bethesda, Maryland. The office of SHHH is the family room of the Stone home. Furnishings were donated by ASHA. Funding is donated by the Stone family and personal friends.

A brochure offers membership for $7.

The Wall Street Journal writes a story on Rocky Stone’s career and includes a small paragraph (5%) on the inception of SHHH. One hundred people from all over the world write for information and help with hearing loss.

A small article in Modern Maturity magazine about the new organization for hard of hearing people brings 2,500 letters of interest.

The induction loop is introduced by Rocky Stone in the Washington, D.C., Archdiocese leading to its introduction elsewhere in the metro capital area. Stone is chair of the Washington Committee on Ministry with Persons Who Are Handicapped.