January: SHHH begins to pay staff (Stone remains a volunteer throughout his tenure).

A “Present at the Creation” birthday party is held in November honoring 30 people who helped SHHH begin and initiating the first annual Founder’s Day. Chapters join by raising funds for National.

SHHH has responded to more than 35,000 pieces of mail.
SHHH has 140 chapters in 33 states.
The board of directors approves the sale of advertising to support the SHHH Journal.

Publication sales rise. Dr. Sam Trychin’s videos and manuals on Coping Strategies for Hearing Impaired People are introduced along with the SHHH Information Series-(papers on a variety of subjects).

National office opens an Assistive Listening Devices Demonstration Center directed by Charles Mizell.

National Volunteer Nursing Home visitation Program begins: 160 members volunteer to execute the program.

SHHH and Gallaudet College hold a two-day symposium on contemporary Issues of Hard of Hearing Young Adults. From this, a SHHH/Gallaudet Task Force emerges.

Sam Trychin, Gallaudet psychology professor teaches Coping Strategies for Hard of Hearing People classes to SHHH staff and local members.

SHHH joins as a member of the worldwide International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH).