Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, is the site of the second National Convention chaired by Bill Cutler who is elected SHHH President.

Following nine months preparation, a Report on Research and Service Priorities for SHHH was approved by the membership at the convention. Membership adopts 12 priorities, which become the basis for the SHHH priorities of awareness, access, education, and employment.

SHHH is structured into ten regions of 4 to 7 states each. Volunteer coordinators in states and coordinators of regions work to facilitate communication and strengthen the chapter network and SHHH National.

SHHH “board of directors is renames SHHH “board of trustees and expands to 27 members who pay all their expenses to attend 3 meetings annually. There are 14 National committees; i.e., Advocacy, ALDS, Chapter relations, Finance, Parent Involvement, Young Adults, and Hearing Loss in later years.

Staff now numbers seven full-time and one part time employees. SHHH has 170 chapters and groups in 41 states.

SHHH begins PALS – a database of “places with assistive listening devices.” In one year there will be 5,700 sites.

Stone is keynote speaker for annual meeting of International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH).

SHHH and ASHA convene the first workshop on ALDS at ASHA for more than 80 audiologists.