January: SHHH membership dues increase to $12 a year.

SHHH motto, “Make Hearing Loss an Issue of National Concern,” becomes the title of a regular column for Shhh.

Board votes to adopt the existing International Symbol for Hearing Loss. (NAD holds the U.S. Copyright.)

Board approved eight Chapter Standards as a guide for developing groups.

Symposium is held to examine and formalize SHHH philosophy.

Stone is appointed to the AT&T Special Needs Advisory Panel.

ASHA awards SHHH their 1987 Distinguished Service Award.

SHHH publicity is widespread as staff and members appear on television talk shows, and SHHH is written about in magazines such as U.S. News and World Report, Time, Family Circle, professional magazines and newspapers from New York City to Los Angeles.

Ann Landers references SHHH for the second time in her syndicated column and 8,000 inquiries are answered at the National office.

Rocky Stone presents a paper at an International Conference, University of Bristol, England, and addresses the British Parliament.

SHHH members visit all U.S. Congressional offices and each congressman is presented with SHHH materials.