July: SHHH celebrates its first decade as 1,050 people attend Convention 1989 in Bethesda. Opening reception is held in the Caucus Room of the House of Representatives. U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop (a hearing aid user) receives the 1989 “Walter T. Ridder Award.” Australia receives an “SHHH International Award.” SHHH begins an annual awards presentation reception for chapter and group awards. (This will expand to include National awards.) Convention chairs are Paul and Bonnie Hopler from the Nova One (VA) Chapter.

SHHH National returns to renovated and expanded offices and holds open house in March hosting some 300 visitors.

SHHH conducts a survey to reveal that over 150 members in the states are vocalizing the needs of hard of hearing people by serving on local and state commissions, councils, and boards.

SHHH membership approves a Five-Year Strategic Plan to focus on awareness, access, education and employment.

The paid staff numbers 10 with 10 volunteers.
SHHH lends expertise to the National Council on Self Help and Public Health.

SHHH joins with A.G.Bell, Gallaudet University, and NTID to initiate re-certification of oral interpreting through a series of training courses SHHH conducts.