July 26, 1990: The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), landmark civil rights legislation for people wtih disabilities, is signed into law. SHHH and its members advocated for its passage. Founder and Executive Director Rocky Stone is appointed by President Reagan to a three-year term on the federal Access Board, (formerly ATBCB). This is the rule-making body that writes the regulations for the ADA. If it weren’t for Rocky Stone, the communication access rules could be largely sign language accommodation. SHHH members from all over requested what they wanted to see in the rules and Rocky took these requests for the Access Board to ensure that technology was included to provide communication access. 

Little Rock, AR, hosts the 5th SHHH Convention where Warren Barnett of Tennessee is elected third president of SHHH. Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa is awarded the “Walter T. Ridder Award” for his service to disabled people. John Centa of Idaho, retiring trustee, receives the first Howard E. “Rocky” Stone Humanitarian Award.

Brenda Battat becomes deputy executive director.

There are 230 chapters and groups in 48 states (exceptions are Alaska and North Dakota). 25 states have volunteer state coordinators.

Staff increases to 14.

Publication Resource Materials/books approach the 100 count. Shhh (small letters) is dropped in favor of the use of all Caps at all times. The journal changes format and is titled SHHH Journal.

SHHH adopts February as “Family Month” and September as “SHHH National Month.”