Eleventh SHHH Convention is held in Orlando, Florida. Marcia Dugan of New York becomes SHHH president of the board of trustees. Mina “Sis” Lelewer receives the Rocky Stone Humanitarian Award. (The event includes an evening at Disney World, where with SHHH help, Disney World has begun communication access for hard of hearing people.)

For recognition, trustees vote to change the name of the SHHH Journal to, Hearing Loss: The Journal of Self Help for Hard of Hearing People.

SHHH has 12,000 members. The network of 250 groups and chapters involves some 9,500 members.

SHHH initiates a homepage on the World Wide Web.

SHHH launches the Library Lift-Off program in May – Better Hearing and Speech Month by distributing 300 packets of information to members who will work with their libraries to update/include materials on hard of hearing people and improve communication access.

North Carolina is sanctioned by the board of trustees as the first SHHH State Association.

SHHH joins other organizations to ensure the new Telecommunications Act of 1996 includes language requiring that services and equipment be accessible to people with disabilities. SHHH takes the lead in publicizing the interference problems of digital wireless phones and working with engineers/ manufacturers.

Produced by SHHH and the Johns Hopkins Center for Hearing and Balance, a video titled The Telecoil: Plugging into Sound with an attractive brochure, is distributed nationwide to increase awareness and benefits of telecoils in hearing aids primarily among hearing health professionals.