Convention is held in Boston, MA. Marcia Finisdore of PA is elected SHHH president of the board of trustees. George Kosovich, MD receives the Rocky Stone Humanitarian award. Walt Disney World receives an Access Award. A 40-person delegation of Zennancho, the All Japan Association of Hard of Hearing People comes to the Convention, and invites Donna Sorkin to Japan in the fall. (Both organizations enter into a cooperative agreement.)

SHHH initiates drive to expand insurance coverage of hearing aids by members working through their employers.

February: First Leadership Training weekend is held in Bethesda for 44 affiliate leaders across the country. (This was sponsored by the AT&T Foundation with a gift of $25,000.)

SHHH has 250 chapters and groups. (150 of the affiliates are chartered chapters.) There are coordinators in 31 states. (Joan Kleinrock, the first SHHH Chapter Development Coordinator retires. She is replaced by Marilyn Finn of CA.)

The board of trustees has sanctioned 7 state associations: NC, CA, FL, NY, WI, NJ, and WA.

SHHH begins an Advocates Program with 150 volunteers forming the network.

SHHH supports National newborn hearing screening legislation.

SHHH completes 12 position policy statement papers.

Thanks to input from SHHH, people with hearing loss are a large consideration in the final guidelines published by the Access Board for Section 255 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (which has to do with accessible telecommunications and closed captioned TV).