The 20th Anniversary of SHHH is celebrated in June at the 15th National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Susan Matt from Washington State is elected SHHH President. Julie Olson of WI receives the Rocky Stone Humanitarian Award.

During the convention the SHHH Strategic Plan for 2001-2004, as presented by a team of diverse SHHH members and endorsed by the board of trustees, is introduced to the membership. It focuses on six areas, each with specific goals: Information and Education Services, Community Based Support, Advocacy, Marketing, Income Development and Financial Resources, and Organizational Unity. A Transition Team is formed to look at the SHHH structure with recommendations to the board of trustees.

The SHHH mission statement is simplified to read: “Our mission is to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy.”

Better Hearing Australia hosts the sixth congress of the International Federation of Hard of Hearing (IFHOH) in July in Sidney, Australia. SHHH is a member of IFHOH along with 44 other worldwide organizations for people with hearing loss. Rocky Stone, SHHH Founder completes a term as IFHOH President. Marcia Dugan of SHHH becomes Vice President.

SHHH invites members to join an Action Alert to advocate for hearing aid coverage by health insurance for Federal Employees. (The Federal Employee Health Benefits insurance plan is a model adopted by other insurance plans.)

SHHH Deputy Director, Brenda Battat, represents passengers with hearing loss with the Department of Transportation and the airlines of America as they work to accommodate increased and better access to air travel for people with disabilities.

SHHH joins a coalition to push for accessible digital wireless telephones for hearing aid and cochlear implant users.

SHHH launches the first National Day of Hearing Screening on Saturday May 6. Eight national organizations collaborate with SHHH in this event sponsored by five hearing aid manufacturers. Chapters and groups across the U.S. set up 2,050 screening sites manned by local audiologists to provide free hearing screenings. A total of 75,850 people are screened.

Brenda Battat becomes acting executive director in November.