Beth Wilson, Ph.D. of Rhode Island begins as executive director of SHHH in April. She had been an active SHHH member since 1986 and left Raytheon Corporation where for 18 years she was an electrical engineer.

Convention is held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. More than 1,100 people attend the 16th year of this event. The Keynote presenter is William Kennard, former chairman of the FCC. SHHH presents Mr. Kennard with the SHHH National Access Award. Dr. Mark Ross receives the Rocky Stone Humanitarian Award. (Over the years, SHHH has developed numerous organizational awards, most of which are presented to individuals and chapters and groups at an Awards Ceremony during the convention.) The topic of the Eighth Annual Research Symposium is The Role of the Brain in Hearing.

A Town Meeting is held during the convention where the discussion focuses on the findings of the Strategic Planning Transition Committee and recommendations of the board of trustees. Several select committees study ways to facilitate the strategic plan with a focus on election procedures; transition funding that will unite the organization, and inter-organizational relationships.

As part of the Strategic Plan, SHHH initiates a State Office Pilot Program in 5 states. It will run for one year to test the feasibility of state offices. Brenda Battat, who has stepped aside as deputy executive director, serves as director of the project.

SHHH revises and updates the organization Website adding many interactive features and more news from and about SHHH National activity.