At the Opening Session at the Convention 2009 in Nashville, TN, executive director of HLAA, Brenda Battat, along with T. Alan Hurwitz, of NTID, announces an exciting partnership and agreement between HLAA and RIT and NTID that will benefit thousands of men and women who have suffered a hearing loss as a result of their service to our country, in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brenda Battat, executive director of Hearing Loss Association of America, joins President Barack Obama and disability representatives from around the country at the White House to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the ground-breaking civil rights legislation for people with disabilities.

Walk4Hearing® continues to grow nationwide; a new logo is implemented to better identify our branding.

Hearing Loss Association of America® celebrates its 30th anniversary.