Hearing Loss Association of America celebrates its 35-year anniversary.

Convention 2015

  • Jolie Stone Frank and Melanie Stone Hogan (daughters of the late Rocky Stone) both individually received the Howard E. “Rocky” Stone Humanitarian Award, named after the Founder and given to a former national board member
  • Senator Tom Harkin, was the recipient of the Advocacy Hall of Fame Award
  • Nanci Linke-Ellis, received the Keystone Award
  • Regal Entertainment Group was presented with the National Access Award
  • Microsoft was the recipient of the Outstanding Employer Award
  • Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby column) received the Walter T. Ridder Award
  • Ron Hendricks, was presented with the Alice Marie Stone Family Involvement award
  • Michael Lagner, was awarded the Get in the Hearing Loop Award
  • Georgia Fleischer, was the recipient of the Marcia Dugan Advocacy Award