Tim Browning, Digital Communication and Web Specialist

Tim Browning

Tim Browning joined the HLAA staff in November 2020. Prior to joining HLAA, Tim worked in the private sector within information technology where his primary focus was web technologies. He handled a wide array of responsibilities from web design, application development, and management. In 2014, Tim, who has hearing loss, attended his first local HLAA Chapter meeting to fill an emotional and support void from a life of managing in a hearing world. The encouragement and friendships he developed after connecting with others with hearing loss inspired him to join the HLAA Los Angeles Chapter steering committee. Since then, Tim expanded his role to join the HLAA California Chapter Leaders committee and the HLAA California State Association Board of Trustees. In his spare time, Tim enjoys fitness, participating and watching sports, trying new breakfast dishes and smoothies, and spending quality time with family, friends, and his wife.

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