An Invitation from Walk4Hearing to HLAA Chapters

We are pleased to announce a great opportunity for all HLAA Chapters to participate in the Walk4Hearing this fall. The Walk4Hearing is “going virtual”, which means you can join online Walk Day from anywhere! HLAA chapters from outside designated Walk locations are invited to take part in online Walk celebrations. Our hope is to further promote the Walk4Hearing experience online and to encourage new fundraising efforts to support HLAA National and the HLAA Chapters that elect to participate in the Walk4Hearing.

Chapters interested in participating should select a Walk city and sign up as an alliance to raise funds for your chapter. Please connect with Ronnie Adler, National Walk4Hearing Manager at for more details. We look forward to seeing you online at the fall virtual walks!

Best regards,
Carla Beyer-Smolin
National Chapter and Membership Coordinator

HLAA Chapters invited to partner with Walk4Hearing

This spring we laced up our shoes, forged ahead, and found innovative ways to keep our community – the heart of Walk4Hearing – connected. Keeping health and safety in mind first, this fall we’ll continue to celebrate virtual Walk Days. These online celebrations are a fun and engaging way to showcase our community. Join us for an online celebration then walk safely in your neighborhood with family and friends.

The experience is not to be missed! Our online celebrations allow us to socially connect and communicate with one another. There will be special guests, chances to win prizes, and the opportunity to share stories about the hearing loss journey and its challenges – all to inspire and motivate one another. Sheri Romblad from Connecticut Walk4Hearing confessed, “I was skeptic in the beginning, but once we went live with our virtual walk, everything fell into place. From start to finish, the virtual walk was engaging and had such an electric energy and vibe from all that participated. Whether we are in person or virtual, we are STILL connected!”.

The Walk4Hearing is raising funds for essential resources for people with hearing loss and mobilizing communities to take action for hearing health. By being active, engaged, and making hearing health a regular part of a wellness regimen, people with hearing loss can thrive and live well.

All HLAA chapters and state organizations are invited to select one Walk location (see schedule below), sign a chapter/state alliance agreement, and register a team. Your chapter or state organization will receive 40% of the funds raised in its honor.

Join us to celebrate our incredible HLAA community!

Fall 2020 Virtual Walk4Hearing Schedule:
September 26 – Buffalo
October 4 – New York City
October 4 – Chicago
October 10 – San Diego
October 11 – West Windsor, NJ
October 11 – Cary, NC
October 17 – Washington, D.C.
October 18 – Philadelphia
October 24 – Louisville
October 25 – Brighton, MA
November 7 – Mesa, AZ
November 7 – Houston

If you have any questions, please contact Ronnie Adler, National Walk4Hearing Manager at

Click here for alliance agreement