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Better Hearing & Speech Month—May 2023

Every year in May, Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) increases awareness of hearing loss and other communication issues. Help HLAA celebrate by checking out all our Better Hearing resources below and participating in HLAA’s social media campaign:

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“What Does #BetterHearing Mean to You?” Social Challenge

  1. Answer this question briefly on your own Facebook or Instagram profile.
  2. Use the hashtags #BetterHearing and #HLAA to get our attention.
  3. Include a great photo that shows you living life with better hearing.

We may share some selected posts throughout May, so be creative to get featured!



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Did You Know?

  • Nearly 50 million Americans (1 in 7) have hearing loss and many more are at risk.
  • 1 billion youth worldwide are at risk of noise-induced hearing loss (WHO).
  • Four of five people (80%) who could benefit from hearing aids do not get them.
  • The average wait to get treatment for hearing loss is 7 years.
  • A wide range of assistive technology is now available, including over-the-counter hearing aids, hearing loops, cochlear implants, Bluetooth and more.
  • Make Hearing Care a Priority – get screened and take action.

Below are some helpful resources for better hearing all month long and throughout your life.

Better Hearing with Technology

In partnership with Gallaudet University and the American Institutes for Research® (AIR), HLAA has launched the Industry-Consumer Alliance for Accessible Technology (ICAAT), an online program for industry and consumers to collaborate toward better #HearingTechnology.

Join this new online community forum to learn, share experiences and connect with others on accessible technology.

Learn MoreSee Our Announcement

Better Hearing in the Workplace

Find out how the law protects people with disabilities on the job at HLAA’s next Employment Webinar on May 18. Read our blog written by a member of the Task Force for Accessible Inclusive Employment, for a deeper look about this important topic.

Workplace and the law HLAA webinar

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Better Hearing is Being Proactive

“Take 3 for Me” Hearing Challenge

HLAA Hear for Life partner Hearing Industries Association (HIA) is encouraging Americans to monitor their hearing health in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click this link.
  2. Take the quick online hearing screening.
  3. If prompted, schedule an appointment with a hearing professional to discuss your results.

Better Hearing for Diverse Communities

Doctor Trent serving a patient with a hearing aid

Find out how audiologist Janice Trent is reaching out to underserved populations in the Spring issue of Hearing Life magazine. 

Walk For Better Hearing

Walk 4 Hearing LogoWalk4Hearing season began in May and continues through November! Join us in one of 20 U.S. cities this spring or fall.

Hearing Music Better

HLAA 2023 Convention New OrleansOur HLAA 2023 Convention in New Orleans features the “Joy of Music/Loving Your Ears” Research Symposium—a panel on music and hearing loss. Register online by June 9.

 Read our blog: “Music Performance with a Cochlear Implant

Better Hearing Through Connection

Join our nationwide community of support. Check out a local or virtual HLAA chapter!

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Better Hearing Through Learning

Better Hearing and Speech Month was established in 1927 by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). ASHA’s BHSM theme this year is Building a Strong Foundation.