Does Your HLAA Chapter Hold Demos of Hearing Assistive Technology?

Man on the right showing woman on the left hearing assistive technology

We Want to Know What HLAA Chapters are Doing

HLAA people are generally those who want to use technology to stay in the hearing world. 

If your local HLAA Chapter has either a hearing assistive technology demonstration center or dedicates at least one meeting a year to technology, we would like to know.

Please email the HLAA Chapter and Membership Coordinator at with the following information:

  1. Does the HLAA Chapter have a dedicated space with technology demonstrations? If so, where is the space and how often are the demos conducted. Are the demos open to the public and is there a charge? Please provide name of chapter and contact information for the person who organizes either a demo center or technology meetings. 
  2. If the HLAA Chapter does not have a dedicated space for technology, let us know how many meetings a year area dedicated to hearing assistive technology.

Volunteers across the country make HLAA Chapters a local, valuable resource. Find an HLAA Chapter near you