Back to School for HLAA Chapters


Happy people at a movie wearing Sony captioned glasses
Throwback photo: Sarasota/Manatee (FL) Chapter members enjoy their movie club with Sony captioning glasses.

Dear Chapter and State Leaders and Members,

Many of you have recessed for the summer to catch your breath and enjoy some downtime. HLAA Chapters across the country are gearing up for their meetings, many of which have rich educational programs, all in a communication accessible place with hearing loops, captioning, and other technology. Most of the time, the information you provide isn’t easily found anywhere else. The service you provide to your local communities is invaluable.

As you plan your programs for the 2019-20 “school year,” please keep in mind HLAA’s reputation of being the unconflicted voice and unbiased resource for people with hearing loss. We all have our favorite technologies, audiologists, hearing health care specialists, and you surely should invite them to present at your meetings. But, be mindful to have presentations from their competition as well. HLAA’s mission is still very much self-help in that we give people reliable information so they can make their own decisions. And, the best part, most of us will then turn around and help others with their hearing journey.

We have a Conflict of Interest policy for chapters and state organizations. Here is an excerpt that shows the importance for HLAA to maintain its integrity as an independent consumer organization not tied to any one business or service provider.

HLAA Chapters and State Organizations will refrain from promoting any one product or service over another. Chapters and state organizations can provide education and information about a variety of  products and services, with an eye toward an even-handed approach among competing business interests. When HLAA educational meetings focus on treatment, technology, devices or services, chapters and state organizations should include information about competing products or services at the same meeting or subsequent meetings in the same meeting season.

Your Go-To Person at HLAA National

Carla Beyer-Smolin is the HLAA Chapter and membership coordinator. Please reach out to her with your news items, stories and photos for Hearing Life and anything related to chapters.

This November HLAA celebrates its 40-year anniversary. Cheers to 40 Years! You are a very important part of our history. The HLAA grassroots network is where HLAA’s mission is fully alive!

With appreciation,
Barbara Kelley
Executive Director