That sense of belonging and being understood by others who’ve struggled with similar challenges is more important today than ever.

Help us sustain our community―and connect and empower the many more who need our help to hear and be heard.

Donate to the HLAA Giving Challenge!

Join the HLAA Giving Challenge. Together, we have the power to change lives.

HLAA’s work has always been important. But when COVID-19 hit hard and fast, it left people with hearing loss stranded to deal alone with the social isolation and widespread communication barriers that quickly followed. For many, just functioning became an overwhelming, everyday struggle.

In response, HLAA did what it’s always done. It saw a need and met it.

HLAA immediately adapted to virtual delivery of reliable information, needed resources and community connection. It worked hard and swiftly to sustain our community.

Now, HLAA needs your help.

We’ve launched an urgent appeal—the HLAA Giving Challenge—so we can bring desperately needed resources and programming to the people who need them most, in a format that meets the demands of the world today. With your help, HLAA can continue to keep our community thriving.

The HLAA Giving Challenge

To raise $500,000 by year’s end

Your donation will help HLAA:

  • Make online programming more accessible and a better experience
  • Train HLAA Chapters on digital meeting techniques and captioning options
  • Increase educational workshops and support sessions, and fund regional speakers
  • Expand online tools and training for people to advocate for themselves
  • Activate our coalition to fight for Medicare coverage of hearing aids and hearing health care
  • Be the voice of the hearing loss community in our nation’s capital and throughout the country, tirelessly speaking out on its behalf
  • And much, much more

Every dollar matters. Please donate now.

Donate to the HLAA Giving Challenge!

“The support I’ve received from HLAA changed my life.
Now, I need it more than ever. And many others need it too.”

—Rosemary Tuite, HLAA Member

For mail-in donations, make checks payable to HLAA and send to:
HLAA, Attn: HLAA Giving Challenge, 6116 Executive Blvd., Suite 320, Rockville, MD 20852