hearOclub wants to help HLAA Chapters!

hearOclub wants to help HLAA Chapters spread the word about this membership benefit for HLAA members!


HLAA introduced the hearOclub program this past year and wanted to remind our chapters of this great program which offers an exclusive deal for HLAA members! This program can help encourage new members to join HLAA and can benefit all HLAA members.

HLAA does not endorse this product, but is pleased to make this offer available to HLAA members. 

hearOclub is a hearing aid and cochlear implant battery subscription service which delivers batteries on a set schedule (with free shipping!). New HLAA members and current HLAA members can sign up online for hearOclub using the coupon code “HLAAmember” at hearoclub.com or by calling 833.LISTEN-2 (833.547.8362). Look for the coupon code in the email confirmation when you join or renew, or in the HLAA New Member Packet which will arrive in your mailbox.

Sign up for a 1-year hearOclub subscription and receive $30 worth of free batteries plus a battery tester keychain – a total value of $40, exclusive to HLAA members.

Attention cochlear implant users! hearOclub now offers a 675P battery. See more information at hearOclub.com/cochlear.

hearOclub started out working with adults in senior living communities where they found many people would go for extended periods of time without hearing aid batteries. They met one woman who would go as long as 2 weeks without being able to hear, because she would wait for her family to come drop off batteries because she could not drive. Not having a working hearing aid increases an older person’s chances of falling by up to three times, and can also contribute to loneliness and depression.

When hearOclub learned about this, they set up a program to make sure their members never run out of batteries, by providing a consistent supply in the mail with free shipping on every order. Now their members, and their members’ families have peace of mind knowing their loved ones will always be able to hear consistently. Although they started working with the senor population, they’ve found people love the convenience of not having to worry about hearing aid batteries, and their members span from all ages! One of their members used to drive 50 miles to the closest store to get batteries, oftentimes in silence because they had run out. Now they save time and have gotten rid of the stress of having to drive to the store whenever they ran out.

“I used to rely on my family to drop off batteries when they would visit, and would worry that I would run out before their next visit. Now I don’t worry about batteries at all! In fact, some were dropped off a few minutes ago!” – Peggy Taylor, LaGrange, IL

“I was very skeptical at first. Since I upgraded my cochlear implant processor, I was using a lot more batteries than I had ever used before, sometimes more than 2 a day! When HLAA recommended hearOClub, I was ready to give it a try. What a revelation! These batteries last longer than any I have used on the past. I am saving on the price and getting a better product. Everyone I have dealt with from the club has been friendly, courteous and helpful, they have never disappointed me. Without hesitation, I recommend this service highly.” – Noreen Warren, Lancaster, CA

“Before I signed my mom up, I was constantly having to check up on her to make sure she wasn’t running out. I don’t have to do that anymore now that she’s with hearOclub. My mom seems much happier every time we visit since joining hearOclub. She now hears consistently which has brightened her mood!” – Bonnie Boerger, Oak Park, IL

“About 2 years ago I suffered a TBI at work. As a result of this I lost some hearing in both ears as well as vision problems. So now I wear hearing aids. This has been frustrating but I did come across HearOClub. I with my wife’s help was able to order the batteries and I am so happy to not have to wonder where can I find my size batteries, if they are on sale or if they are in stock. The best part is I don’t have to go looking for batteries and these batteries last about 2-3 days longer than the ones in the store. I’m telling everyone in my family and I also told my audiologists who was more than happy to share this news. Thank you HearOClub.” -Mark Taylor, Winston Salem, NC

Here are some ways that HLAA Chapters can share information about this free $40 value membership benefit:

  • Chapter leaders can request a sample member kit from hearOclub to show chapter members what they receive when they join the program.
  • Chapter leaders can request brochures from hearOclub.

Requests for sample member kits and brochures can be emailed to RJ Pole, one of the founders of hearOClub, at rj@hearoclub.com.

  • Chapter leaders can reprint this blog for chapter members that do not have access to computer or internet.

Chapter leaders are encouraged to share the following videos and links at their chapter meetings or communications with chapter members.

  • The founders of hearOclub gave an HLAA Webinar on this program: May 22, 2019 – Intro to hearOclub – Avoiding ‘Hearing Emergencies’


  • Here is the link to hearOclub’s Youtube video which summarizes their services. 


  • Here are some great testimonies on the hearOclub.




  • Here are links to the articles in Hearing Life Magazine that featured hearOclub. Chapter leaders and members are welcome to download and share.