Thank you to HLAA’s monthly donors.

Dedicated supporters have been giving monthly to HLAA for years. These generous and long-standing donors are making an investment that provides HLAA reliable and consistent support. This allows HLAA to plan and to focus confidently on what’s ahead. It gives our donors the opportunity to make a gift that fits their budget and know that their gift is making a continual difference.

We support HLAA because it made a difference in our lives, and we love seeing the difference it continues to make for others.

— Joe Duarte

Meet a few of them here.

Meg and Joe DuarteMeg and Joe Duarte have been giving monthly since 2016. They met at the very first HLAA young adults meeting in 1982 and have been HLAA members throughout their married life. Joe Duarte is the co-CEO of InnoCaption. Meg Duarte is a retired high school teacher for the deaf and hard of hearing program in Fairfax County, Virginia.


Katherine BoutonKatherine Bouton gives monthly because she knows she can make a greater impact than she ever would with a single annual donation. Katherine is a former New York Times editor and author of two books on living with hearing loss. She previously served on the board of directors of HLAA and is a prior president of the New York City Chapter.


Amy BecktellAmy Becktell is an HLAA member and has donated monthly since 2006. Amy knows the importance of steady revenue and wants her contributions to provide sustained funding for planning. Amy is a leader of the Western Colorado Chapter and has volunteered with our efforts in Atlanta, Denver and Arkansas.


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