HLAA Honors Its Finest

HLAA hosted two events this year at the HLAA2018 Convention to recognize outstanding individuals, HLAA Chapters and State Organizations, companies, and corporations who have had a significant impact in the lives of people with hearing loss.

There was a State and Chapter Awards Reception & Ceremony sponsored in part by Hearing Help Express held on Wednesday evening, June 20. The next morning, June 21, CapTel Captioned Telephone sponsored the National Awards Breakfast & Ceremony.

“The awards we presented at the HLAA2018 Convention in Minneapolis recognize the highest caliber of leadership, a commitment and dedication to people with hearing loss, and love of HLAA.”
– HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley

Join us in congratulating all the award recipients!

Patricia Clickener Receives the Howard E. “Rocky” Stone Humanitarian Award 
Established in 1990 by the HLAA Board of Trustees, the Howard E. “Rocky” Stone Humanitarian Award honors a past trustee for his or her extraordinary contributions toward furthering the objectives and personal exemplification of the philosophy envisioned by Founder Rocky Stone.

Pat Clickener photo
Pat Clickener, 2018 Rocky Stone Humanitarian Award winner

The 2018 recipient is Patricia A. Clickener of Chicago. In the early 1980s, Pat heard about Rocky and how he was starting an organization in the Washington, D.C. area for people who were hard of hearing, not deaf, and who wanted to stay in the hearing world.

The philosophy of learning all you can about the topic, helping yourself and turning around to help others resonated with her, so she resigned from her senior-level executive position with the Leo Burnett Company in her hometown of Chicago and moved to Bethesda to volunteer with Rocky and others who were trying to get Self Help for Hard of Hearing People started.

Pat recently wrote, “It was obvious to me that the message and spirit of HLAA has taken root very deeply and has grown so much from what I remember in the earliest days. I know now without a doubt that I did the right thing by leaving my Chicago life and working in the national office back when I did. HLAA is changing the world, and like Mother Teresa said, ‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.’”

Pat has written numerous articles for HLAA’s magazine (now called Hearing Life, although it has had several names over the years). She was an early adopter of technology, going from analog hearing aids until her hearing loss progressed to profound and had one of the first 22-channel cochlear implants in 1988. She became a patient advocate long before the implant companies had established a formal program. She continues to educate and mentor people, not representing any company.

Pat has been spreading the philosophy of HLAA for nearly 40 years. She frequently interacts with people with hearing loss, encourages them to get help and tells them about HLAA; she talks about telecoils, loops, hearing assistive devices, and of course, cochlear implants, with both consumers and professionals who she crosses paths with. Pat is by far one of the most articulate advocates for HLAA, good hearing health care, and taking action sooner rather than later.

Pat is connected to HLAA in a quiet, yet, formidable way. She participated in the Chicago Walk4Hearing and follows the progress of the HLAA Chicago North Shore Chapter, being particularly interested in the chapter’s awareness program for people with hearing loss in medical settings. She arranged a meeting with the Patient Engagement staff at Northwestern Hospital to determine their efforts to accommodate patients with hearing loss. When hospital staff conducted focus groups to learn about ways to improve the patient experience in all parts of the hospital and medical establishment, Pat participated, along with members of the HLAA Chicago North Shore Chapter.

Pat was a keystone in Rocky Stone’s vision for our organization. She continues to be engaged and is proud of what HLAA has become today. Her quiet support has helped HLAA remain relevant and strong.

Due to a health issue, Pat could not accept the award in person at the HLAA2018 Convention, but she sent a message. Listen and read her inspiring words on this captioned video.

The awards we presented at the HLAA2018 Convention in Minneapolis recognize the highest caliber of leadership, a commitment and dedication to people with hearing loss, and love of HLAA. Barbara Kelley, HLAA Executive Director

Shubert David Andrews Barbara Kelley Kyle Wright National Access
The Shubert Organization’s David Andrews (l) and Kyle Wright were presented with the National Access Award from HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley
National Access AST Don Doherty Barbara Kelley James Bress
James Bress (r), Founder of AST Technology Labs of Melbourne, Florida was presented the National Access Award by HLAA Board of Trustees Chair Don Doherty and HLAA Executive Director Barbara Kelley
Lise Hamlin Diane Thompson Don Doherty Marcia Dugan Award
Diane Thompson Received the 2018 Marcia Dugan Award from HLAA Director of Public Policy Lise Hamlin (l) and Chairperson of the Board of Trustees Don Doherty
Erin Mirante Deborah Schaaf Chapter Award
HLAA National Chapter Coordinator (l) presents Deborah Schaaf from the Orrville-Wooster Chapter in Ohio with the Up and Coming Chapter Award