Dear Chapter Leaders and Members,

The HLAA Board of Trustees voted to increase membership dues effective as of July 1. Read the announcement from Board Chairperson Don Doherty. We haven’t raised the dues since 2008 and, as you realize, the cost of paper, printing, postage has all skyrocketed. 

For those of you who print your own brochures customized for your local HLAA Chapters, please use up those brochures first. No need to throw them away just because they have the old rates on them. We do not want this to be a hardship on our chapters. (Paper and printing have also gone up for you too!)

For those chapters in the Unified Membership Program, nothing has changed except you will receive your percentage based on a higher membership rate.

Thank you for all you do in your communities on behalf of people with hearing loss. HLAA Chapters are where our mission of information, education, support and advocacy comes fully alive!

Kind regards,
Barbara Kelley
Executive Director

P.S. Please reach out to Carla Beyer-Smolin, the new national chapter and membership coordinator for anything you might need.