Sustain • Evolve • Grow

We’re here for you—and we’re here because of you.

In the face of these changing, challenging times, HLAA stands by its mission with ever-greater resolve. We exist to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy. HLAA exists for you—and because of you.

With your help, we will sustain the HLAA community. We will evolve our programming to a robust digital platform. And we will grow our outreach, strengthening HLAA Chapters across the country and invigorating our advocacy network.

The HLAA Giving Challenge will help pave the way for our future and help allow us to:

Sustain our community
  • Education: help people overcome communication barriers and advocate for themselves
  • Support: bring people together to learn from and encourage each other
  • Advocacy: further build our advocacy network for access and inclusion
Evolve our organization
  • Expertise: develop the know-how to create even better programming and technology
  • Digital platform: build a strong online presence and consistent, dynamic experiences
  • Chapters: provide tools and training to better serve communities in today’s world
Grow our reach and impact
  • Reach: engage veterans, young adults, people of color, and other underserved groups
  • Impact: increase awareness of HLAA resources, services and expertise
  • Partnerships: nurture collaborations in accessibility and hearing health technology

Quote from Rosemary Tuite, HLAA Member
“The support I’ve received from HLAA changed my life. Now, I need it more than ever. And many others need it too.”

—Rosemary Tuite, HLAA Member