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We’re here for you—and we’re here because of you.

Join the HLAA Giving Challenge

Donate to the HLAA Giving Challenge!

The HLAA Giving Challenge is about so much more than raising money in the short term. It’s about the future of HLAA and building our capacity as an organization to better help people like you, and those you love, who are determined to live their best lives with hearing loss.

In the face of these changing, challenging times, HLAA stands by its mission with ever-greater resolve. We exist to open the world of communication to people with hearing loss by providing information, education, support and advocacy. HLAA exists for you—and because of you.

The HLAA Giving Challenge is about our future—together—as we navigate the times ahead.

With your help, we will sustain the HLAA community. We will evolve our programming to a robust digital platform. And we will grow our outreach, strengthening HLAA Chapters across the country and invigorating our advocacy network.

Please help us raise $500,000 by year’s end.

When you give, you enable HLAA to:

Sustain our community
  • Education: help people overcome communication barriers and advocate for themselves
  • Support: bring people together to learn from and encourage each other
  • Advocacy: further build our advocacy network for access and inclusion
Evolve our organization
  • Expertise: develop the know-how to create even better programming and technology
  • Digital platform: build a strong online presence and consistent, dynamic experiences
  • Chapters: provide tools and training to better serve communities in today’s world
Grow our reach and impact
  • Reach: engage veterans, young adults, people of color, and other underserved groups
  • Impact: increase awareness of HLAA resources, services and expertise
  • Partnerships: nurture collaborations in accessibility and hearing health technology

Donate to the HLAA Giving Challenge!

For every dollar you give, 89 cents goes directly to helping us reach, support and empower people with hearing loss. The remaining 11 cents keeps our organization running and helps us raise the next dollar.

Quote from Cheri Perazzoli, HLAA Board of Directors and HLAA Washington State Association President
“When I was a young mother diagnosed with progressive hearing loss, the fear and challenges felt insurmountable. But then I found HLAA, and it became my roadmap to living a fully engaged life. I am deeply aware of the many challenges people with hearing loss face—and how in the midst of the pandemic, the daily test of resilience can be utterly overwhelming. It’s for the people who so urgently need our community—and because I believe so strongly in HLAA’s vision—that I increased my annual donation. The need is growing exponentially, and so must HLAA.”

—Cheri Perazzoli, HLAA Board of Directors and HLAA Washington State Association President