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By investing monthly, you join a special giving group
dedicated to HLAA’s mission to advocate, support
and empower people with hearing loss.


Tens of thousands seek information, resources, support and community through HLAA. Each month, you can help ensure that our initiatives are available to those in need of help:

Educational programs
We offer online webinars that provide crucial information on innovative technologies and strategies, and an annual Convention that helps people connect and learn.

Online resources
We provide information that guides people through their journey with hearing loss and helps them prioritize hearing health.

Community support
We connect people with others experiencing similar issues to show they’re not alone in their journey.

We reach lawmakers and mobilize our community to bring our voices to national discussions on access, inclusion and other topics affecting everyone with hearing loss.

Our people
Our staff and volunteers are here every day helping people on a broad scale and one person at a time. They’re the strength that enables our programs, resources, community support and advocacy.

Donate Monthly