Our legacy for tomorrow starts today.

Thanks to decades of hard work, together we’ve achieved greater awareness and understanding of hearing loss. Now, we’re working to build on that progress and make even greater advancements in creating a future of promise for all people with hearing loss.

From communication access to equal employment opportunities to hearing health care and treatment, we’re working every day to effect positive change — over time, lifetimes and across generations.

When you donate to the HLAA Annual Giving Campaign, your dollars go to work right away to:

Fuel knowledge.
Your support helps us create education programs and provide crucial information to tens of thousands of people on innovative technologies and strategies.

Nurture community.
Your support helps us connect more people to our chapters and provide these chapters with tools and resources for local initiatives that enhance people’s quality of life.

Shape positive change.
Every dollar you give helps us reach lawmakers and bring our voices to national discussions on access, inclusion and other topics affecting us all.

Today. Tomorrow. Together.

We are a community of empowerment. When you give, we can do more, for more – together.