Table of Contents

We Walked for a Better Tomorrow

By Anne T. Pope

The Walk4Hearing Program has taken off all over the country. Read about the coast-to coast response of this Hearing Loss Association of America initiative.

Convention 2008 in Reno, Nevada

By Sharon Christiansen

Join friends and members from across the country this June 12-15 for the event we’ve all been waiting for. Registration packet and board nomination form enclosed. Please vote for a Mid-West representative.

Walking the Halls of Congress with Ray Thorn

By Barbara Kelley

Ray Thorn is the legislative assistant to Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Maryland’s Eighth District) and he wears hearing aids. He talks about the job and his hearing loss.

Talking with Congressman Chris Van Hollen

By Barbara Kelley

The congressman talks about working with Ray Thorn and the Hearing Aid Tax Credit.

Premium Digital Hearing Aids

By Mark Ross

What is considered a top-of-the-line hearing aid and is it the best choice for everyone?

POOF! When You Disappear Because You Can’t Hear

By Maggie Casteel

Have you ever felt like no one trusts that you can respond because you can’t hear well enough to carry on your own conversation?

Buried Treasure

By Michael Royer

A personal story about growing up with a hearing loss and finally getting a cochlear implant.

National Update

By Brenda Battat