Table of Contents

“This Kid is Intense!”-- Meet the Washington Redskins’ NFL Player Reed Doughty

By Barbara Kelley

NFL starting strong safety talks about football, family, and his own hearing loss. 


When Someone Close to You Refuses to Admit They Have Trouble Hearing, What Do You Do?

By Brenda Battat

One of the most common reactions of people when they develop hearing loss is denial. 


On Your Mark, Get Set, Hear!

By Brad Ingrao

Strategies for living an athletic life with a hearing loss. 


Bluetooth and Hearing Aids: Ready for Prime Time?

By Mark Ross

People with hearing loss want to know if they too can use a cell phone with a Bluetooth connection. Here is the answer.

Flight 309 is Now Boarding From Another Gate

By Lise Hamlin

Learn about HLAA’s work to make air travel more accessible for people with hearing loss and how you can help. 


Ear Pressure and Flying

By Yuri Agrawal

Have you ever taken off in a plane and landed with no hearing? Here is what you can do about it.

Holiday Madness: Tips from Arlene

By Arlene Romoff

Here are communication tips to get you through the noise of the season.



HLAA Corporate Member Guest Corner CTIA-The Wireless Association

By Steve Largent