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Racing with (Not Through) My Hearing Loss

By Jennifer Cheng

Our author — a walker for hearing, a competitive cyclist, and an epidemiologist – talks about her hearing loss that was diagnosed at age 17. 


Little Feet are Stepping Up to Walk4Hearing

By Ronnie Adler

The 2009 HLAA Walk4Hearing is in full swing with the spring walks completed. Hear about these wonderful children as we head into the fall Walk4Hearing season.

Grace’s Law: A Lesson in Advocacy

By Lise Hamlin

This story is remarkable! Ten years ago, HLAA members in New Jersey spearheaded an effort to get hearing aids covered by insurance. It all started when a mom realized her daughter needed hearing aids after a newborn hearing a screening test.

The Music Program: Listening to Music Through Hearing Aids

By Mark Ross

Music is an important part of our lives. Listening to music with hearing aids and cochlear implants have gone to the forefront. We’ve covered cochlear implants and music in past issues. Now, Dr. Ross covers hearing aids.

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