Table of Contents

Charles Mokotoff – A Life in Music

By Barbara Kelley

Despite a hearing loss, Charles Mokotoff has made a name for himself in the intensely competitive world of classical guitar. 


Hearing Health for Young Musicians - Embracing the Concept Early

By Catherine V. Palmer

Learn about the Student Musician Project at The University of Pittsburgh.  


The Third Ear: Personal FM Systems and Adults

By Mark Ross

FM systems have long been used in classrooms with children. How does this popular hearing assistive technology help adults? 


Consumer Protection for Hearing Aid Purchasers

By Lise Hamlin

Hearing Loops Conference in Zurich: A Report

By David G. Myers

An international conference draws people interested in bringing communication access to their parts of the world.

Do You Care About What You Hear? So Do We…We Are Audiologists A Better Way to Buy Hearing Aids? HearUSA to Administer AARP Hearing Care Program

By Kris English

As a corporate member of HLAA, the American Academy of Audiology president talks about our common goals.

Hearing Loss: The Price of War

By Stephen O. Frazier

Noise-induced hearing loss is the number one disability produced by combat in war today according to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). There is help available to veterans who seek it out. 


Ascending from Deafness

By Karen Moulder

Meet Karen who talks about being the “deaf girl” in school to where she is now.

From the Executive Director’s Desk

By Brenda Battat

International Hearing Loop Conference.