Table of Contents

I Am Simply Me

By Jennifer Thorpe

From the discovery of a hearing loss at age four to having a family of her own, husband, and five kids, how hearing loss affects the person and the family dynamic.


Hearing Loss is Not Just About Me

By Cathy Kooser

Everyone around the author is deeply impacted by her inability to hear. So, what does she do about it? 


Understanding and Managing a Severe Hearing Loss

By Mark Ross

Hearing assistance is available for the person with a severe hearing loss, either through well-fitted hearing aids or a cochlear implant.

Let’s Hear from the Families

By Barbara Kelley

When one person I n the family has a hearing loss, we all have a hearing loss. Listen to two women talk about their husband’s hearing loss.

Employment and Equal Access: A Success Story

By Lise Hamlin

People with hearing loss often struggle on the job. Here is a story that will set precedent for many to come.

What’s On Your Mind? A Question for the Psychologist

By Michel A. Harvey

What do you do when your father is in denial about his hearing loss and your mom goes along with it?

My Dad, the Ford Man

By Tom Hedstrom

Tom writes about his amazing dad – the 93-year-old that got a cochlear implant.

HLAA Honored with Leadership Award

By Brenda Battat

I was delighted to be there representing HLAA to accept the Sheldon Williams Itzkoff Leadership Award that was bestowed by his son, Donald M. Itzkoff, Esq. It was heartwarming to see so many members from the area’s HLAA Chapters at the event in support of our receipt of this prestigious award.