Table of Contents

Come to Milwaukee and Be Inspired!

By Nancy Macklin

The City of Festivals and its people welcome HLAA Convention 2010. Here is your complete guide and registration information. 


Hearing with Our Brain: Karen’s Journey Back to the World of Sound

By Barbara Liss Chertok

What is an auditory brainstem implant (ABI) and who is a candidate? Here is a scientific and personal perspective. 


Adam Mednick Became Noted Neurologist Despite Profound Hearing Loss

By Manny Strumpf

Read about a physician with a hearing loss in private practice who doesn’t take many notes during appointments because he’s reading his patients’ lips.

They Can Change a Life - A Message to the Pros

By Colin Cantlie and Joe Gordon

Captioning Advocates Cantlie and Gordon take on the profession that gives them access to the world.

Changing Lives in the Developing World

By Paige Stringer

The Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss is empowers teachers of deaf and hard of hearing children in Vietnam with the tools they need to help young children learn to communicate through spoken language.


I Just Got Hearing Aids…Is That All There Is?

By Mark Ross

A group Aural Rehabilitation (AR) program for adults can provide valuable information and assistance beyond the hearing aids alone, no matter how well fitted the aids may be .

Compound Grief and Hearing Loss

By Marc F. Zola

Hearing loss impacts all members of the family system. Understanding one another’s grief can have a positive impact on how each member’s grief is managed.

A Winning Combination

By Marty Birnbaum

Hear what this football fan has to say about cheering for the home team.

From the Executive Director’s Desk

By Brenda Battat

Everything being equal …people with hearing loss must be able to participate in the workplace on video conferencing and voice conference calls.