Table of Contents

A Journey into the World of Hearing Loss

By Lois Johnson

Meet Lois when she talks to Hearing Loss Magazine about her hearing loss, finding help, and working on behalf of people with hearing loss


Hurricanes and Hearing Loss: Surviving the Storm

By Lise Hamlin

Hurricane Ike hit Houston in 2008 and Lois Johnson was in the middle of it with her hearing loss. Included with the article is FEMA’s Are You Ready? Guide to Hurricanes.  


Stigma and Hearing Loss – The Lowdown

By Mark Ross

The author’s looks into whys and hows on the topic.

Invisible No More

By Michael Eury

Hearing loss was coined “an invisible condition” by Founder Rocky Stone. The author says it’s time to change that.

Getting Her Life Back – This Could be Your Story

By Barbara Kelley

A young mother of three boys finds her “family” at an HLAA Convention. 


The Color of Quiet

By Mary McCallister

‘I’m no hero’ is the sentiment of this author – just an ordinary person coping with hearing loss.

From the Executive Director’s Desk: Our Grassroots Network

By Brenda Battat

Advocating for better conditions for people with hearing loss is de nitely an HLAA focus. But we are no less committed to the personal aspect- to- reaching out to individuals who are trying to cope with hearing loss and don’t know where to nd help.


HLAA Convention in Milwaukee-Come and Be Inspired!

By Nancy Macklin

Registration form and information for HLAA Convention, June 17-20, 2010