Table of Contents

The Beat Goes On …

By Lynn Rousseau and H.M. Dyer

Some people march to the tune of their own drummer. Such is the case with Lynn Rousseau who has marched, danced, laughed and lived through hearing loss.

Living Well with Hearing Loss: Professional and Consumer Collaboration for Hearing Loss Support Programs

By Patricia Krikos

This audiologist sets the gold standard as a professional who works to make sure that people diagnosed with hearing loss live well.

HLAA Convention 2011

By Nancy Macklin

Register now for HLAA Convention in Washington, D.C.

On the Job: The Effects of an Untreated Hearing Loss on Workplace Compensation

By Mark Ross

According to a study, a person’s hearing loss may also influence a person’s employment status


Making Changes: Tools From the IDA Institute

By Sam Trychin

Explore the human dynamic of hearing loss.


The Telecoil: Connecting Directly to Sound

This information is provided as part of the “Get in the Hearing Loop” project, a collaboration between the Hearing Loss Association of America and the American Academy of Audiology. Learn how you can expand the use of your hearing aid.

At Work with Hearing Loss

By Kathi Mestayer

The author says that everybody at work knows who we are, so here are a few things we can do.

In Complete Harmony: Walt Ivey – Musician, Audiologist and HLAA Member

By Judi Martin

Walt Ivey adapts to hearing loss with technology, a sense of humor, and a love of music.

Emergency Preparedness – Once Again

By Lise Hamlin

Here is information for people with hearing loss.

From the Executive Director’s Desk

By Brenda Battat

Living Well with Hearing Loss – Come to the HLAA Convention this June and tell us what that means to you.