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Dances with Sounds

By Laurie D. Pullins

A supportive family, perseverance, a passion for dance, and a desire to advocate for others with hearing loss keep this author light on her feet and in step with her spirit.

Beyond the Beeps: Needs Assessments and Outcome Measures

By Brad Ingrao

An audiologist helps you understand your hearing loss and what you need to hear better.

Two Children, Two Hearing Losses

By Lisa Brownlie

Both of Lisa and Des Brownlie’s babies were born with hearing loss. Read about their experience. Plus, don’t miss Samantha Brownlie’s book, Samantha’s Fun FM and Hearing Aid Book.

Hearing Loss and Social Pain

By Sam Trychin

In addition to physical pain, research has uncovered information about another built-in, inherited type of pain that also has survival value—social pain. Learn about what this has to do with hearing loss.

Accessible and Affordable Hearing Health Care

By Lisa Tseng

Hearing loss is currently the third most common chronic condition among older Americans, yet it is under-diagnosed and treatment is often expensive. Learn about one company’s model for how to reach those who need hearing help.

Newborn Hearing Screening: A Success Story

By Lise Hamlin

Thirteen years after legislation is signed into law, our resident advocate gets to personally experience the fruits of HLAA’s labor.


By Viola LaBounty

The author expresses her improved hearing through her poem, My World Alive.

From the Executive Director’s Desk

By Brenda Battat

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