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Convention 2012 Starts with a Great Location

By Nancy Macklin

Discover Providence, Rhode Island, when you attend the 2012 HLAA Convention this June. Here is a preview along with registration forms.

Thank You!

By Ronnie Adler and Rebecca Lander

Thank you to walkers, volunteers and sponsors of the Walk4Hearing.

Plugged in for Sound: Cochlear Implants Today

By Brad Ingrao

Find out more about cochlear implants and if they are for you.

Five Most Effective Speechreading Strategies

By Scott Bally

Strategies to be sure you have a decent chance of understanding what is being said.

Advocacy: A Few Hot Issues

By Lise Hamlin

Here is HLAA’s national advocacy focus on behalf of people with hearing loss.

hi HealthInnovations Hearing Aid Dispensing Program

By Mark Ross

Renowned audiologist and long-time contributor to Hearing Loss Magazine talks about UnitedHealthcare’s® hi HealthInnovations’ approach for getting hearing aids to consumers.

Welcome! Easy Entertaining for People with Hearing Loss

By Meredith Low

This hostess is a pro at planning and making sure that the communication environment is arranged so she can enjoy the party as much as her guests.

Lost in Translation: How a ‘Lost and Found’ Friendship Opened My Eyes to Hearing Loss

By Pamela Selker Rak

Learning about hearing loss was the last thing this author thought she would be doing, let alone helping a friend.

From the Executive Director’s Desk

By Brenda Battat

HLAA Convention 2012.


Word Search

HLAA Member Netagene Kirkpatrick created a word search puzzle for this issue of Hearing Loss Magazine (page 32). The answer key is provided here.