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Jacob’s Ride

By Barbara Kelley

Meet Jacob Landis who is on an amazing journey across the country to raise money for people who need hearing help. 


Saying Farewell to Brenda Battat

By Barbara Chertok

As Executive Director Brenda Battat retires she answers a few questions as she looks back on her more-then-two-decade-career with the organization.


Cochlear Implants: What to Expect Beyond Initial Activation

By Brad Ingrao

Meet “I.M” – he’s Dr. Ingrao’s cochlear implant recipient who tells all about his experience.

Traveling with Hearing Loss

By Lise Hamlin

HLAA serves on TSA’s Disability Coalition to ensure travelers with hearing loss have the support they need.


Giving Up His Vanity

By Mark Spradley

Mark Spradley interviews a friend and colleague who has hearing loss. 


World Health Organization on Technology Transfer of Hearing Devices to Low and Middle-Income Countries

By Katherine D. Seelman

Here is a report on efforts across the globe.

The Power of Partnership

The HLAA Walk4Hearing teams with local organizations to raise awareness and funds for people with hearing loss.

I Can Both Grieve and Be Grateful

By Michael Harvey

A psychologist deals with a patient who feels there is nothing left of her since her hearing loss.

Seen and Heard: Ed Ogiba and Barbara Johnson

Hearing Loss Magazine always delivers a warm hug of support, the inspiration to do more and the guidance from the legions of superheroes in hearing loss nation to blaze the way.

Thank you, HLM.


From the Executive Director’s Desk

By Brenda Battat

We Only Part to Meet Again