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The City of Roses Awaits Us

By Nancy Macklin

Join people from across the country in the most communication accessible event at HLAA Convention 2013. Complete details and registration form in this issue.

Poison to the Ears? Making Sense of Ototoxicity

By Monique Hammond

The author covers important aspects of ototoxic medications that can harm hearing.

Can We Try That in B Flat? Improving Your Relationship with Music

By Brad Ingrao

Dr. Ingrao discusses why music is such a challenge for people with hearing loss and gives us some real-world advice to reduce frustration.

Show Me the Captions

By Alan Kutner

The Hearing Loss Association of Pennsylvania members are enthusiastic about being able to go to the movies and “hear” again.

Hearing Help in Nursing Homes

By Karen Friedner Woolman and Scott J. Bally

Here are some practical suggestions and guidelines for family members to educate staff about hearing aids in nursing homes.

Making the Connection Count with Captioned Phones

By Lise Hamlin

For people with hearing loss who struggle to understand what’s being said on the phone, captioned telephones can be a lifesaver

Get in the Hearing Loop Wherever You Go

By Stephen O. Frazier

Find out where you can find a hearing loop for better hearing.

Seen and Heard: Juliëtte P.M. Sterkens, Au.D.

From the Executive Director’s Desk

By Brenda Battat

2013 International Consumer Electronic Show. 


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